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Is It Worth Getting a Novated Car Lease?

In addition, many individuals are unaware that novated leasing or salary sacrificing is legal in Australia for a long time. A novated lease’s advantages, on the other hand, are still not well recognized. Is it true that novated leases are still worthwhile? We believed it would be better to discuss the top three methods to save money with a novated lease so you can make your own decision.

Vehicle Rates For GST

The GST consequences of a Novated Lease are among the most significant savings aspects. First, if you acquire a new, demo, or used car from a GST registered business (such as any dealership), you will not pay GST on the vehicle’s purchase price. Isn’t it fantastic? Yes, it is. There is a limit of $5,234.64 imposed at this time; however, this means that for the typical automobile, you are fine. If you buy from an individual rather than a dealer, there will be no GST to save and none to lose.

This may be most evident when shopping for a new automobile. The person sitting next to you at the dealership might be purchasing the same vehicle for the same price as you, but it is 10% less expensive.

GST: on Running Costs

The impact of the GST on your vehicle’s running expenses is the next major winner. When you acquire a novated lease with full upkeep, you will include all of the operating expenses that were previously subtracted from your paychecks into budget calculations. Then, when you spend money on these items (such as petrol, car washes, and servicing), you avoid paying tax on them. You’ll need to get in touch with your fleet company and explain the situation so they can assist feed the data back to your employer who can then utilize it to receive tax credits. Make sure you contact your employer and fleet provider about how this works across borders.”

Tax savings

One of the lesser recognized aspects of a Novated Lease is that it lowers your taxable income. When your employer pays the fleet company for your lease payment and operational expenses, part of the payment is subtracted from pre-tax earnings, so you won’t have to pay as much income tax. It reduces your taxable income and hence lowers your overall tax liability.

The best thing to do if you’re unsure or want to understand what a novated lease means for you is to contact a Novated Leasing Company. It connected you with the top providers in the industry, and it offers all of the information you’ll require to make an informed decision.

A novated lease is a type of lease in which the landlord grants you six months’ notice before the end of your contract, which is called an ‘end-of-term’. This can be an extremely useful tool for saving money. There are benefits and drawbacks to everything, but if you’re considering a new or used vehicle, you should definitely think about a novated lease when deciding on purchasing options.