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How to Rent a Cheap Pickup Truck Without Taking Out a Loan

  • 4 min read

Do you need a pickup for a day or more? You may rent a truck through a major rental car company or a firm that specializes in truck rentals, but be sure to employ any available strategies to get the greatest rate. Here’s how to rent a cheap pickup.

How to Save When Renting a Pickup Truck

Book well in advance and keep track of your reservation.

If you know you’ll need a pickup truck, you should reserve it as soon as possible. There are always discounts to be found. Unlike airline tickets, rental reservations may generally be cancelled without penalty. So there’s no need to pay extra if the costs decrease – they frequently do. The easiest method to save money is to book your vehicle as early as feasible, then keep checking for cheaper prices.

Check both on and off the airport.

Do you have your rental car already packed and ready to go? An airport vehicle rental may be ideal, but it can also be pricey. Airport taxes might exceed 30 per cent, and a short bus or Uber ride to a local hire shop may reduce your cost by half. Off-airport charges aren’t always cheaper, so double-check both.

Prepare to spend money on rental insurance.

When renting a vehicle, most individuals decline personal auto insurance since they already have it. However, your personal car insurance may not cover a pick-up truck rental, therefore always double-check with your insurance provider to see if there are any restrictions on your coverage. As well, because credit card coverage is frequently restricted to transportation only, you may be covered already. It’s conceivable that you’re already covered, so check before heading to the rental car office.

Extras should be avoided.

Adding superfluous extra features is one of the most effective methods to raise your rates. The bulk of the commissions in the rental business comes from insurance and services that you probably don’t require. So consider carefully before checking a box for a service that may end up costing as much or more than the rental itself.

The discounts alone are worth signing up for. Membership will provide everything that the rental company’s expensive roadside assistance does. And don’t be fooled by prepaid petrol alternatives; it’s less expensive and just as simple to fill up the car when you’re finished with it.

Why pay $15 a day for a GPS when your smartphone already serves as one? Instead of spending $8 a day on satellite radio, listen to your own music.

The bottom line is that you have the option of politely declining anything the agent suggests or even attempts to force you into.

Play with your selections.

Depending on the time of day and other factors, adjusting your pickup and return times ahead or backward by a little can result in money. Even small adjustments may have a big influence. Instead of reserving for your 12:00 am flight arrival, try looking at rates for an 11:30 pm and 12:30 am pick-up instead. Changing the date to a new calendar day might sometimes decrease prices by half; picking up an hour or two before or after your planned arrival time is usually no issue.