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Top Ways to Save On Petrol

  • 3 min read

With prices for fuel approaching $2 or more across the country, many families and firms are feeling the pinch at the pump. This is when fuel saving advice can be really beneficial. There are a number of simple methods for decreasing your petrol usage. A novated lease will save you 30%* on fuel by paying with pre-tax income, as well as offering convenience with a fuel card. But how else can you save money at the pumps?

Check the Wheels for Any Damage

While they all appear to be big black rubber doughnuts to those who are unfamiliar with them, there are several types of low-resistance rolling tyres available. They’re designed with cost in mind because they have a higher silica content to minimize friction. Also, make sure you’re using the appropriate tyre pressure for your vehicle so that wear and unnecessary friction aren’t caused where the rubber meets the road.

Avoid Traffic

Isn’t it nice to think that there would be no red lights or tailback congestion in an ideal world? If your employer allows you to start (and finish) earlier, you might just be able to save fuel as well as time. Starting work at 730am instead of 9 am may save you up to 50% on travel time by avoiding the morning and afternoon rat race for those with a longer commute. Until everyone else figures out how beneficial this is!

What Might You Turn Off?

Newer automobiles turn off at stops, but if your vehicle has older starter-motor technology, we don’t recommend turning it off at intersections. You may switch into neutral when stopped with the engine running, as riding the clutch consumes fuel. To prevent sliding backwards in the event of a rear-ender, pop the handbrake on.

It’s also worth noting that using air conditioning puts an extra drag on the engine, so shutting it off when it’s comfortable to do so might help you save money on fuel.

Update Your Applications

Get a Fuel Watch-type app if you don’t already have one. While you’re looking for the most cost-effective petrol station in town, if you can incorporate it into your daily routine, it might save you money.

It’s also a good idea to check your GPS unit or smartphone’s map app. Google Maps forecasts traffic and provides real-time traffic information to assist you to get away from roadwork and onto better roads.

Nally, Make It as Simple as Possible.

Your driving style may have an impact on the fuel gauge. Fast acceleration from a stop burns more fuel than a slow and steady approach. In any case, you’ll just be coming to a halt at the following set of lights. So take your time and enjoy the trip.

A novated lease is a low-cost, convenient alternative to purchasing a vehicle. We covered this above, but going for a novated lease can save you 30% on your petrol bills (and switch to a fuel-efficient automobile). Another approach to reducing stress about budgeting is to combine all of the tires, servicing, registration, and tedious aspects of car ownership into a simple monthly payment