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Picking an Eco-Friendly Vehicle in Australia

  • 4 min read

With more and more vehicles on Australian roads every day, especially as they enter cities, drivers want to make the best choice. Choosing an eco-friendly automobile may save you money at the pump while also assisting in the reduction of pollution by reducing your carbon footprint.

While these more eco-friendly alternatives may appear to be out of your price range, a novated lease can help you make the transition from a high-polluting car into one that is much better for the environment. Use Novated Lease Calculator to discover how much money you will save on your new environmentally friendly automobile.

You must first understand what makes a vehicle “eco-friendly” before selecting one. The following are some of the most essential criteria:

  • Low emissions vehicle
  • eco-friendly petrol
  • uses as little petrol as possible

Low Emissions

It’s exactly what it says. Vehicles that are more fuel-efficient and produce less carbon, which is better for the environment

Fuel Options

There are several distinct types of fuel available for automobiles, and many of them produce less pollution overall. Most cars run on normal gasoline and try to make the most of it. Cars that run on diesel or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are also available.

Gasoline Usage Is Reduced

Hybrid and electric automobiles are quickly gaining popularity as a good way to cut pollution while also improving the environment. These cars are frequently among the most fuel-efficient on the market.

What Cars Are Australians Driving That Are Eco-Friendly?

  • Nissan Leaf

Although the Nissan Leaf isn’t quite as popular in Australia as it is elsewhere, it’s a vehicle that should not be overlooked by environmentally conscious consumers. It’s the most widely distributed pure electric automobile in the world. It’s a more budget-friendly choice than other all-electric cars, but it can’t go as far on a single charge. Its range is about 170 kilometres. If you’re searching for something to do short trips around town, this might be an excellent option.

  • Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Toyota Corolla has been on the market for a long time; and while some drivers find it to be rather basic, it is safe, dependable, and comfortable. It’s one of the most inexpensive hybrids available, with an average efficiency of 4.1L/100km.

  • Toyota Prius

This was the first hybrid car to truly capture people’s attention. It is still regarded as one of the best hybrids available. Although it is more expensive than other options, it offers better fuel efficiency (3.4L/100km) and a more distinctive and comfortable ride in exchange.

  • Tesla S

Tesla is best known for its luxury all-electric cars, such as the Tesla S. These are costly automobiles, but they are also far more comfortable and technologically advanced than many other all-electric vehicles. On a single charge, they have a range of 340 to just over 500 kilometres. Some versions even feature autonomous driving technology.  

  • Volvo XC90 T8 models

You wouldn’t expect to see the words “SUV” and “fuel-efficient” in the same sentence, but Volvo has made it happen. With 7 seats and plenty of storage space, this SUV gets 2.1L/100km and is jam-packed with safety and convenience features. The bad news? It’s pricey. But if you’re searching for an environmentally responsible premium vehicle, this is an excellent choice.

Making Vehicles Affordable

When you opt for a novated lease, any of these cars become more affordable. A novated lease reduces thousands of dollars each year by paying for your car and its upkeep using pre-tax income. Choose the most environmentally friendly automobile appropriate for your needs, and get it through your Novated Lease.